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GET is the leader and provider of choice for total intelligent water management solutions in the emerging markets with operations covering three business areas: design and build, specialty chemicals, and utilities. With over fifty years of operational experience, the group provides customized, comprehensive and advanced solutions across the full spectrum of its industry, from clean to dirty water.

With a mission to sustain the world’s water resources, Metito provides effective water management and treatment systems that can reconcile the ever growing water demand and the dwindling natural resources. Committed to a cleaner environment, GETend eavours to utilise its world-class global know how to provide millions of people across the globe access to clean and safe water.

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Operation& Maintenance for RAFH & SHKH ZOWYD City  Desalination Plant 

with capacity 5000 m3 / day at North Sina , Egypt.


Operation &maintenance water Treatment plant for Suez Cement Factory  with capacity 200 m3/day at seuz city ,Egypt .

Jan , 2010

Operation & Maintenance sewage plant for Al-Arish Cement Factory  with capacity 2000 m3 /day at North sina , Egypt 


Globally , acts locally, sums up the spirit of sustainable development and meshes perfectly with the way GET operators  .

Top Services

*Identify the problems and objectives

We begin a project by meeting with plant personnel for a preliminary discussion and conduct a survey to obtain data about the plant equipment and operations. this involves investigation of water flow, water sources, system history, critical heating and steaming areas potential problems and environmental issues

Design the treatment program
To insure that the program is reliable, effective and cost efficient. According to your water sources and water usages


Monitoring the treatment
Our field consultants are trained in all aspects of industrial water treatment, they understand your systems needs and problems and have the experience to conduct and recommend appropriate monitoring procedures

Support Services

Startup and operations Assistance, operator's training, system inspections, scheduled reviews and documentation, taking water samples, lab analysis, comprehensive lab report with our commendations